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Sitchin was ready to let us know that Enki wrote the Anunnaki arrived to Earth for gold to ship again (via Mars) to Nibiru to powder into an atmospheric protect. Miners from Nibiru invested lifetimes mining gold in Africa till, three hundred,000 several years in the past, Enki manipulated the miners to mutiny, then gained acceptance from Nibiru to interchange the mutineers that has a employee race tailored from the Anunnaki genome. Enki, his sister Ninmah and his son Ningishzidda first established small-lived slaves, referred to as Adamites

. For levirate, a brother–Nergal, Dumuzi’s brother In cases like this–of The person who died impregnates his useless brother’s wife. The child they beget succeeds the lifeless brother.

The straight lines “crisscross each other, from time to time jogging about and disregarding the animal drawings. These are not produced with handheld ray guns. The lines are usually not horizontally level–they run straight in excess of uneven terrain, disregarding hills, ravines, gullies. They're not runways; They can be embedded in soil much too free to hold nearly anything as large being an plane.

A lot of the Anunnaki returned to Nibiru. A couple of who remained in the world as well as hybrids by whom they nevertheless rule give all factions and nations credit history and arms and engineer wars amid them. The elite operate competing religions which Each and every say they’ll bring back again the Anunnaki god in their religion and defeat gods and followers of other faiths.

Harappa highlighted two-stories significant, baked brick similar houses with flat roofs; each with Home windows that missed a courtyard.

Hatshepsut adopted the boy and identified as him Moses.” She gave him “the epithet prevalent in her dynasty Together with the part mss

Chinese emperors claimed descent from these “skymen-godpeople” who landed in “flying dragons” from A different planet.

However the Commander responded, “Marduk–your eldest–the Igigi, and also the with armies the astronauts breed Along with the daughters of Adapa, challenge me.

characteristics a number of large stones estimated to weigh five hundred tons Each individual. They had been uncovered when excavations alongside the western ‘Wailing wall’ uncovered them.

Nibirans “not only lifted and positioned this kind of colossal stone blocks but also carried them from a quarry various miles absent. The quarry has been Positioned As well as in it one of those colossal stone blocks had not been completed, even now lies partly hooked up to your indigenous rock; its measurement exceeds the site here Trilithon blocks. [Stairway: 168 – 176; Expeditions: 166 -179]

The builders quarried the gigantic stone blocks miles absent and moved them “about mountains, valleys, gorges and streams.”

Ollantaytambo, a landing platform (most likely for the gold refinery at Sacashuaman, 60 miles to your southeast) rests “atop a steep mountain spur” and overlooks “an opening amongst the mountains that increase where the Urubamba-Vilcanota and Patcancha rivers satisfy.”

A Civilized person I've brought forth. A different kind of Earthling from my seed has long been developed, in my impression and soon after my likeness. From seed they from food will expand, from ewes sheep they will shepherd. Anunnaki and Your Domain Name Earthlings henceforth shall be satiated.

He most likely made use of technologies Dunn More Info proved in Egypt’s Giza Pyramids. Angkor produced electricity as Component of a world-extensive grid Anunnaki pyramidal power stations and monoliths that accessed and augmented electric power for aircraft, interaction, lighting and computing.

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